Inside Kylee Newton’s Kitchen

9th September 2016

Interview: Molly Tait-Hyland
Photographs: Dan Dennison

The founder of Newton and Pott on the best Italian mayo, her favourite Japanese knives and a cookery bible from her native New Zealand


Calvé mayonnaise »
“This Italian mayo is the best. It’s actually made out of real eggs. You have to get the number one.”

Sriracha sauce »
“Always good to have – to spice everything up. I have it with egg-fried rice when Mark’s not around.”

The Gay Farmer olive 0il »
“We are friends with The Gay Farmer, he’s great! His oil comes from Spain and is absolutely delicious.”

Crushed chilli flakes »
“I use it as a spice. I order it in bulk for work and bring little bits home.”




Spatula »
“I love a good spatula. We were in Copenhagen about a month ago and all I wanted was this.”

Global knives »
Japanese chef’s knives. “My favourite. I like the lightness of them.”

Bialetti coffee pot »
“We couldn’t live without our coffee pot.” Kylee buys coffee from Climpson’s on Broadway Market.




The Edmonds Cookery Book »
“The New Zealand cookery bible. It actually sells more copies than the bible in New Zealand. In the 1930s, every married couple was given this as an engagement gift. ‘This is the start of your new life with your husband, here’s the book’ – that’s how they marketed themselves. Edmonds is a baking powder company, that’s why it says ‘Sure to Rise’ on the cover.”

Salt Sugar Smoke: How to Preserve Fruit, Vegetables, Meat and Fish, Diana Henry »
“I absolutely adore this book. I love the photography and the styling. It’s the kind of thing I look at and then adapt.”

Five Quarters: Recipes and Notes from a Kitchen in Rome, Rachel Roddy Buy from
Debut cookbook from English food writer Rachel Roddy who is based in Rome. “It makes you want to cook.”

Savour: Salads for All Seasons, Peter Gordon Buy from
“Peter’s like my guardian angel, he’s got the biggest heart. I don’t know where he finds the time to be so good to everybody. We made the chickpeas, feta and spicy red onions recently: delicious.”

Food for All Seasons, Oliver Rowe Buy from 
“I like how brave Oliver’s book is: it’s more of a novel about a chef than a recipe book. The frittata with ricotta and mint is really good, we made it last time we were in Whitstable.”




Posted 9th September 2016

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Interview: Molly Tait-Hyland
Photographs: Dan Dennison

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