Erwin Gegenbauer – The master vinegar brewer takes us on a tour of his Vienna factory, explains why local produce is “boring” and makes us breakfast featuring his own honey, oil, coffee, beer and cider

Erwin Gegenbauer’s Vienna Address Book – The master vinegar brewer recommends two great Viennese gasthauses, a favourite market deli for Italian snacks and a very interesting sweets workshop

Inside Erwin Gegenbauer’s Kitchen – Vienna’s “vinegar pope” on two revelatory types of wheat, a brilliant alternative to olive oil and his favourite Austrian wine

Konstantin & Manuela Filippou – The Vienna restaurateurs recall their wildest food adventures, describe the challenges of opening an ambitious restaurant and school us in the art of the long breakfast

Inside Konstantin & Manuela Filippou’s Kitchen – The chef and restaurant manager pick out a practical chef’s knife, a comprehensive book on French cuisine and an intense Greek salt that causes trouble at airports

Konstantin & Manuela Filippou’s Vienna Address Book – The Vienna restaurateurs on a traditional gasthaus where offal is king, a very cool Japanese restaurant and a beautiful, old-fashioned grocery in the centre of the city

White Asparagus & Pear Salad with Smoked Char – “I love this dish because it combines the produce I love and it reminds me of the beginning of summer. The most important thing is that you have good ingredients.

Severin Corti – The eminent Viennese restaurant critic talks about his years as a chef, makes a revelatory bánh mì with Austrian ingredients and picks his nine favourite restaurants in Vienna

Venison Bánh Mì with Sour Cream & Horseradish Sauce – “This is an Austrocised version of a Vietnamese bánh mì sandwich with leftover venison from the weekend barbecue. It uses ingredients that would never be used in Vietnamese cuisine, such

Inside Severin Corti’s Kitchen – The Viennese restaurant critic picks out an insect condiment, a beautiful and effective pepper mill and a selection of extraordinary cookbooks

Severin Corti’s Vienna Address Book – The restaurant critic on his favourite Viennese restaurants and coffee houses, two great Vietnamese places and a very lively farmers’ market

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