The Pumpkins Are Coming & Other News – In this week's food media round-up: a celebration of gastronomic oddities, the recipe video goes widescreen, and a cookbook for starving artists

The Wine Thieves & Other News – Also in this week's food media round-up: celery's faded glamour, a lost Indian spice, and race and restaurants in Detroit

Maud Zilnyk’s Paris Address Book – The co-owner of Epicerie Generale on her four favourite Paris restaurants, a great organic market and her dream tea shop

Maud Zilnyk – The co-owner of Épicerie Générale lays out breakfast with six types of cheese at her apartment in Saint-Germain, recommends some of her favourite foods and explains why she only eats organic

A Simple Paris Breakfast – No cooking involved, just really good quality ingredients – laid out for breakfast by Epicerie Generale owner Maud Zilnyk

Inside Maud Zilnyk’s Kitchen – The co-owner of Epicerie Generale picks out a beautiful Vietnamese teapot, “the best bread on earth” and a very good cookbook for pastries


6×6: David Lebovitz – The Paris author and pastry chef picks his most memorable dishes of the past six months, including plum jam in Brooklyn, Paris’s best pâte de fruits and his favourite ever bread

The Gannet Address Book: Paris – A curated list of nearly 50 of the city's most exciting restaurants and food shops, as recommended by Gannet insiders

Josh Adler’s Paris Address Book – The American wine distributor on his favourite restaurants in the 11th arrondissement, a great local food shop and “one of the nicest food markets in Paris”

Inside Josh Adler’s Kitchen – The American wine distributor picks out a champagne sabre, a 100-year-old fish poacher and a book with “the best cake recipes”

Josh Adler – The American wine distributor invites us over for chilli con carne, opens up his wine cellar for our drinking pleasure and lists the many great restaurants in his Paris neighbourhood

Chilli Con Carne with Cornbread – A hearty chilli con carne made with whole cubes of beef and served with homemade cornbread – by Paris wine expert Josh Adler

Inside Alice Quillet & Anselme Blayney’s Kitchen – The owners of Le Bal Cafe on bread-making essentials (including three key bread books) and great coffee and beer from the Paris area

Alice Quillet & Anselme Blayney – The owners of Le Bal Cafe and Ten Belles in Paris discuss baking, coffee and the capital's bistronomy obsession over a leisurely breakfast at their Montmartre apartment

Alice Quillet & Anselme Blayney’s Paris Address Book – The owners of Le Bal Cafe on an excellent Sichuanese restaurant, the best Chinese dumplings in Paris and a good inexpensive supermarket chain

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