Peter Gordon’s London Address Book – The New Zealand chef on a great restaurant in an east London butchers shop, his local Turkish grocery and a booze store specialising in natural wine

Peter Gordon – The New Zealand chef whips up three great dishes from his new cookbook and recalls food adventures in Southeast Asia and turning Madonna away from the Sugar Club

Freekeh, Walnut, Swiss Chard, Mushrooms and Tahini Mascarpone – “This is another way to cook freekeh, instead of simply boiling it; here it’s cooked more like a rice pilaf. You can serve this either in one large bowl as

Celeriac, Satsuma, Pear, Fennel and Red Cabbage – “I first enjoyed the combination of chilled cooked celeriac with tangerines and pear in Istanbul at Muzedechanga – a gorgeous terrace restaurant nestled on the Bosphorus that I’ve been a

Kale and Preserved Lemon Couscous – “This green couscous is a really good way to have a grain and a vegetable at the same time, and friends with children have told me it’s a handy recipe

The Gannet Q&A: Natalia Ribbe – The founder of London’s 86 List on Thanksgiving feasts in New Jersey, her love of all things Italian and her favourite food scene in the movies

Lillie O’Brien’s London Address Book – The jam-maker on a local okonomiyaki joint, a restaurant in a former school that only serves lunch and a beautiful old-style grocery shop

Inside Lillie O’Brien’s Kitchen – The owner of London Borough of Jams picks out a really good pan for making jam, a genmaicha tea and a cookbook that sharpened her techniques

Lillie O’Brien – The owner of London Borough of Jam whips up raspberry fool for breakfast in Hackney, recalls her doughnut-making days at St John and talks about setting up her own company

Plum and Wild Fennel Jam – A slightly tart conserve with delicate aniseed flavours – by expert jam-maker Lillie O’Brien

Raspberry Fool & Butter Bread – The simplest of summer desserts matched with a brioche-like bread – by London Borough of Jam owner Lillie O’Brien

Jeremy Lee – The inimitable chef at Quo Vadis whisks us around Broadway Market, then back home for a hearty lunch and tales of his Scottish upbringing and London adventures

Cumberland Sausage With Pumpkin & Fennel Salad – “I enjoy cooking like this: gathering a few things together and cooking them simply in a pleasing manner for a table of jolly folk. I acquired a very good sausage

Inside Jeremy Lee’s Kitchen – The Quo Vadis chef picks out an excellent Tuscan olive oil, a Japanese tea caddy and the “god of the great chef cookbooks”

Jeremy Lee’s London Address Book – The Quo Vadis chef recommends a restaurant “at the pinnacle of everything”, as well as a heavenly dessert shop and a great Italian deli in Soho

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