How To Make: Pollock En Papillote – The owners of Dublin's Fish Shop prepare a delicious (and inadvertently patriotic) fish dish in the back garden of their Dublin restaurant

Gwen McGrath & Ken Doherty – In the calm before a hurricane, the owners of Assassination Custard invite us over for lunch and talk about their travels, the joys of tripe, and why the best food is always the simplest

Gwen McGrath & Ken Doherty’s Dublin Address Book – The owners of Assassination Custard recommend an unorthodox pizza restaurant, the place to go in Dublin for prawn toast and late-night cocktails, and two of their favourite Irish farms

Inside Gwen McGrath & Ken Doherty’s Kitchen – The couple behind Assassination Custard pick out veal bacon, a selection of their favourite vermouths, and eight indispensable cookbooks

Flower Sprouts With Black Garlic Vinaigrette & Ricotta Salata – “This is a dish we serve at the restaurant. Flower sprouts are a hybrid of Brussels sprouts and kale, and they’re lovely. An alternative could be Brussels sprouts (halved and

Inside Federico Riezzo’s Kitchen – The Italian drinks maestro picks out his favourite coffee and the battered stovetop pot he makes it in. Also: two great cocktail books

Federico Riezzo’s Dublin Address Book – The Italian drinks maestro recommends a brilliant basement café, a little gem of a cocktail bar and the Dublin supermarket where he buys Asian ingredients

Federico Riezzo – The Italian drinks maestro cycles us to his home in Dublin, mounts a defence of Italian-style coffee and whips up his trademark Tuscan sausage sandwich with roasted red peppers

Tuscan Sausage Sandwich – A gloriously messy sandwich containing fennel-and-chilli sausage, roasted red peppers and garlic mayo by Italian drinks expert Federico Riezzo

Inside Nico Seguy’s Kitchen – The French wine specialist pours us some extraordinary champagne from his collection and discovers some food wisdom in a book about soup

Nico Seguy – The French wine specialist takes us to his favourite local pub, cooks a spicy cod and chorizo dish and tells us about coming to terms with Irish food since moving to Dublin 13 years ago

Cod and Chorizo Tabbouleh – A colourful, spicy and beautifully balanced fish dish by French wine importer Nico Seguy

Nico Seguy’s Dublin Address Book – The French wine specialist on two favourite local pubs, his pick of Dublin’s French restaurants and a butchers shop that also sells great fish

Laragh Stuart – The food entrepreneur makes an extraordinary beef dish from her childhood, explains why artists make great cooks (but lousy chefs) and takes us to a few of her favourite local food spots

Laragh Stuart’s Address Book – The food entrepreneur on an eccentric olde-worlde hotel in Wicklow, some favourite Dublin restaurants and the market where she buys all her vegetables

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