Rhubarb Martini

17th June 2016

Interview: Killian Fox
Photographs: Emile Dinneen

“You don’t need any extra garnishes with this cocktail, it just works. It’s very simple, so easy to make. We serve poached rhubarb with breakfast and save the syrup, otherwise it would be thrown away. Cocktails are just the best thing for a gathering. Don’t give your guests a choice; as they arrive, just hand them a cocktail. A couple of these before dinner gets the conversation going.”
Justin Green, owner of Ballyvolane House, Co Cork, Ireland

Serves 2


75ml gin (use Bertha’s Revenge or another well-spiced gin)
50ml rhubarb syrup
12.5ml lemon juice
Twist of lemon peel

Rhubarb syrup:

300g rhubarb, chopped into 2-inch pieces
75g sugar
75ml water


To make the syrup, put the sugar and water in a pan and heat very gently until the sugar disappears. Add the chopped rhubarb, cover with a tight-fitting lid and increase the heat a little so it begins to boil. Simmer, covered, for about 5 minutes until the rhubarb is very tender but not disintegrating. Remove from the heat and pass the rhubarb mixture through a fine sieve into a bowl, squeezing out the juices with the back of a spoon. Add the juice back into the pan and boil rapidly for a few minutes until just syrupy. Pour into a jug – you should have about 125ml – and leave to cool completely. (The syrup will keep for up to a month in the fridge, and don’t throw out the rhubarb pulp – it goes very nicely with yoghurt.)

Chill two martini glasses with ice or in your freezer.

Fill a cocktail shaker nearly to the top with ice. Add the gin, rhubarb syrup and lemon juice. Put the lid on and shake vigorously for 30 seconds, holding the shaker in two hands and shaking it over your shoulder. Pour the martini into the glasses using a cocktail strainer. Always taste before pouring; add more syrup if too sour or more lemon juice if too sweet.

Posted 17th June 2016

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Interview: Killian Fox
Photographs: Emile Dinneen