Cabbage, Eggs, Peas and Gruyère

19th May 2016

Interview: Killian Fox
Photographs: Dan Dennison

“I love cooking with vegetables – we focus a lot on them at the restaurant – and this is a really nice, light dish for a summer lunch.”
Gustav Knutsson, chef, Gothenburg

Serves 2-4


1 pointed cabbage, quartered
1 big clove of garlic, peeled and halved
Olive oil
200g yellow wax beans (or green beans)
400g fresh peas, podded (or 200g frozen peas)
Lemon peel
4 eggs
fresh horseradish
Gruyere cheese, grated
A few sprigs of fennel or dill


Preheat a fan oven to 200C.

Set a large frying pan on a high heat. Add a drop of olive oil followed by the quarters of cabbage and the garlic. Fry the cabbage until nice and brown on all sides, about five minutes, then remove from the heat and add a little more oil, a good pinch of salt and some thyme leaves. Let it rest for a few minutes to cook through a little more. Discard the garlic and transfer the cabbage to a large oven dish. Bake for 3 minutes.

Bring a pot of salted water to the boil. Add the peas, beans and some lemon peel. Cook for a couple of minutes, then drain and refresh with cold water. Add the beans and peas to the oven dish.

Place the same frying pan on a low heat. Add a little butter and crack in the four eggs. Fry the eggs gently – don’t overdo them. Sprinkle the eggs with salt and thyme, then lay them over the cabbage and beans.

Grate some horseradish and gruyere over the dish and top with the sprigs of fennel or dill.

Put the dish in the centre of the table and serve.






Posted 19th May 2016

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Interview: Killian Fox
Photographs: Dan Dennison