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The Gannet Address Book: Paris

26th May 2015

To download The Gannet’s guide to the most exciting restaurants and food shops in Paris, CLICK HERE

Last October we swooped into Paris to interview seven key figures on the city’s resurgent food scene. They included a chef, a coffee expert, two veteran food writers, a natural wine distributor, and the owner of some of the coolest bars in the city – you can find six of the interviews here. (The final interview, with Epicerie Generale owner Maud Zilnyk, is coming soon.)

As well as exploring their home lives, we wanted to get some insider tips on where to eat out in Paris. Which restaurants are they most excited about right now? And which food shops and markets do they visit on a regular basis? Some choices were familiar and we can vouch for the greatness of Bones and Le Chateaubriand, Jacky Lorenzo’s fish and Laurent Dubois’s cheese shops. Others took us by surprise: we had no idea there were so many great Asian restaurants in Paris, for example, or that the local coffee scene was in such rude health.

You can find the recommendations in the Address Book section of each interview. And now we’ve compiled the full list in a handy PDF that you can download and drool over in anticipation of your next Paris visit.

If you want to know where to buy the best coffee, pastries or Indian produce in the city, or which restaurant to go to if you’re “sincerely curious about how Paris is eating right now”, as the critic Alec Lobrano put it, this document is essential reading.

Want a little more guidance? Here’s a list of 10 Paris hotspots curated by The Gannet to point you in the right direction.


Les Trois Royaumes

42 Rue Richer, 75009 Paris; +33 1 47 70 17 17
Several people raved about this Sichuanese restaurant, then begged us not to tell anyone about it. (Oops.) “The spicy pig intestines are the best.” Alice Quillet & Anselme Blayney, Le Bal Café

Le Dauphin

131 Avenue Parmentier, 75011 Paris, France; +33 1 55 28 78 88,
The wine bar attached to Inaki Aizpitarte’s celebrated restaurant Le Chateaubriand. “It’s too hard to get into Le Chateaubriand so we go here instead.” – Josh Adler, wine distributor

Guo Xin, Restaurant raviolis

47 Rue de Belleville, 75019 Paris; +33 1 42 38 17 53
“Best chinese raviolis (dumplings) in Paris. Run by women and all hand-made.” Alice Quillet & Anselme Blayney, Le Bal Café


38 rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis, 75010 Paris; +33 9 50 48 94 34
“This is probably the best pizza that I’ve had in Paris and it’s cheap. It’s both a significant step up from the competition but down in price, which is very strange. It’s tiny – it only has four tables.” – Josh Fontaine, Le Mary Celeste, Glass, Candelaria

Le Servan

32 Rue Saint-Maur, 75011 Paris; +33 1 55 28 51 82,
“I recommend Tatiana Levha’s new bistro to anyone who’s sincerely curious about how Paris is eating right now.” – Alec Lobrano, food writer


Epicerie le Caire

63 rue de Belleville, 75019 Paris; +33 1 42 06 06 01
A wonderful Egyptian food shop in Belleville, which we visited with bar owner Josh Fontaine (Le Mary Celeste, Glass, Candelaria)

Jacky Lorenzo

Marché Richard Lenoir, 75011 Paris (Open Thursday and Sunday mornings)
“This is where I buy my fish. It’s expensive but the fish is never out of the water for more than a couple of hours.” – Alec Lobrano, food writer

Sébastien Gaudard

22 Rue des Martyrs, 75009 Paris; +33 1 71 18 24 70,
“Gaudard is one of the best pastry chefs in Paris.” – Alec Lobrano, food writer

Marché Gros-la-Fontaine

37 Rue Gros, 75016 Paris (between rues Gros and la Fontaine); +33 1 45 11 71 11
“This market isn’t very well known but I go every week (it’s open Tuesdays and Fridays). There are very good shops because it’s a very bourgeois arrondissement, but at the same time it’s a very family-friendly place. You can get really good fish here.” – Marie-Odile Briet, food journalist

Laurent Dubois

47 Ter Boulevard Saint-Germain, 75005 Paris; +33 1 43 54 50 93,
“The one thing we don’t have in our neighbourhood are really great cheese shops, so sometimes I have to do a cheese run to Laurent Dubois.” – Alec Lobrano, food writer


To download the full guide, CLICK HERE

Posted 26th May 2015

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