6×6: Simon Majumdar

22nd October 2015

Interview: Killian Fox
Photographs: Yousef Eldin

Simon Majumdar is a broadcaster and author who lives by the dictum “Go everywhere, eat everything”. British gourmands will know him from his highly opinionated food blog Dos Hermanos, which ran between 2006 to 2012, and from his books Eat My Globe and Eating for Britain. Foodies across the Atlantic – Majumdar moved from London to Los Angeles in 201o – will be familiar with him from his appearances on Food Network shows such as Iron Chef America and Cutthroat Kitchen. (His most recent book Fed, White and Blue catalogues his journey to American citizenship.)

Over the past six months, Simon has travelled extensively around the US (by now he’s eaten in all 50 states) and ventured to Japan and Puerto Rico. For our ongoing 6×6 series, exploring what people are eating in different parts of the world, he’s picked out his six most memorable dishes from that time.



Butagumi, Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan


“This dish was one of many dining highlights during a three-week eating and cocktail adventure around Japan. Butagumi brings in pork from every prefecture of Japan and this particular cut consisted of 50% fat, 50% lean meat and almost dissolved in the mouth. It was so good, I wanted the experience of eating it to last forever.”

2-24-9 Nishiazabu, Minato, Tokyo 106-0031, Japan; +81 3-5466-6775, www.butagumi.com


Dry aged rib eye

Bern’s Steakhouse, Tampa, FL, USA


“Bern’s is one of America’s truly legendary steakhouses, famous for its half-million bottle wine collection. I was lucky enough to be allowed into the meat-ageing room, and seeing the racks of New York strips, rib eyes and fillets definitely added to my appreciation of the finished article.”

1208 S Howard Ave, Tampa, FL 33606, USA;+1 813-251-2421, www.bernssteakhouse.com


Pulled pork

Jones Bar-B-Q Diner, Marianna, AR, USA


“I am a man who has consumed a great deal of ‘Q over the years and I can say, hand on fatty heart, that this pulled pork from Jones in Marianna, AR, is easily the finest I have ever eaten. My wife and I snagged the last of their daily production, bought some forks at the nearest Family Dollar store and sat in the parking lot to feast. ”

219 W Louisiana St, Marianna, AR 72360, United States; +1 870-295-3802 


Red cabbage salad with roasted grapes and duck skin crumble

Chartreuse, Detroit, MI, USA


“One of the things that travelling around the US almost constantly during 2015 has shown me, is that the best food often comes from the most unlikely places. Despite its apparent simplicity, this dish, in an often overlooked city, is easily one of my top tastes of the year.”

15 E Kirby St, Detroit, MI 48202, United States; +1 313-818-3915, www.chartreusekc.com



Guavate, Puerto Rico


“The Puerto Ricans love lechon (whole roasted pig) so much that there is an entire area of the island devoted to producing and serving it to the locals. Crisp skin, creamy fat and juicy flesh – it’s the most perfect combination since someone once asked ‘Paul, have you met John?'”

Guavate, Puerto Rico


Roast chicken with fried garlic stems

Dim Sum Go Go, NYC, NY, USA


“This dish is one that I try to fit into my dining itinerary on every visit to New York City. The combination of the juicy roast chicken and the crunchy bite of the garlic stems is one not to be missed. ”

5 E Broadway, Manhattan, NY 10038, United States; +1 212-732-0797, www.dimsumgogo.com

Posted 22nd October 2015

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Interview: Killian Fox
Photographs: Yousef Eldin

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