Killian Fox

I’m an Irish journalist living in north London. As well as editing The Gannet, I write regularly for The Observer and its Food Monthly magazine. As a child I was a really picky eater but over the years I’ve become greedily curious about all kinds of food. One turning point was ordering a plate of snails in France aged 11; another was a summer of indulgence in New York nine years later. My fall-back dish is a very simple pasta with tomato sauce. I have a phobia of boiled eggs but I’m working on it. The Gannet is a natural conduit for my shameless nosiness about other people’s eating habits.


Adam Park

I’m a filmmaker and producer based in London, by way of Ireland and South Africa. Alongside The Gannet, I’m a co-founder of London video agency Blueprint. Since childhood I’ve been interested how cultures around the world relate to food. Eating sushi for the first time, aged 12, basically changed my life. Other revelatory moments include eating smoked brisket in Texas, tacos in Mexico, truffles on risotto in northern Italy and a goat stew under a tree in Tanzania. Don’t talk to me about bananas though.


Yousef Eldin

I’m an Irish photographer and filmmaker based in London and a self proclaimed master of the 10-minute meal. In addition to The Gannet I direct music videos and commercials. I eat everything apart from prunes.


Dan Dennison

Originally hailing from the sunny hills of North Wicklow just outside Dublin, Ireland – I’ve been based in London for over 10 years. Over this time I’ve been a Music Photographer, Photojournalist, Creative Producer for commercial brands, Documentary Filmmaker and a commercial Director of Photography. My love of travel, food, people, chat (don’t get me started), photography and storytelling all came together here at The Gannet. Can’t deal with oysters (I know, I know)…

Dan Dennison

James Hansen

I’m a food writer based in North London, brought up in Cheltenham via Cambridge. I work on the editorial side of The Gannet, curating our weekly food writing digest alongside all manner of writing, editing and researching. My culinary upbringing started with applying The Magic Stir to anything and everything that my parents cooked, before horrifying them by ordering blood-rare brochettes as a young and impressionable child on holiday in France. I often frighten my housemates by fermenting (delicious) things in our communal fridge. I am particularly interested in long-form food writing, the representation of food in literary and visual culture, and the fastest route to a glass of natural wine.