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Founded in February 2015, The Gannet is an online magazine that explores people’s lives through the food they cook and eat. We are based in London but travel widely, seeking out food obsessives in Paris, Sweden, New Orleans, Ireland and Mexico City – among many other places. We report our findings on this website and in our print magazine Fork in the Road, which launched in September 2016.

We’ve also got a book! The Gannet’s Gastronomic Miscellany by Killian Fox was published by Octopus in October 2017 – and republished in September 2018 – and you can pick up a copy right here.

The main thing we do is visit people at home and ask them to cook us a favourite dish. Sometimes our hosts are chefs, food writers or producers, but we’ve also interviewed architects, artists and children’s authors – the only requirement is a lively interest in food. These encounters can last anywhere between two and 12 hours (our record is 14.5 – thanks Erika) and cover everything from childhood memories to food aversions to the composition of a perfect breakfast.

Alongside each interview, we publish a recipe (or recipes), a list of our interviewee’s favourite local restaurants and food shops (see Places) and an inventory of their kitchen objects, ingredients and cookbooks (see Things).

Our other reporting – including the regular Adventures and Touring series and The Gannet Q&A – can be found in the Journal section.

The Gannet has been praised by The Observer, which featured us in its prestigious annual OFM 50 list, and the leading Spanish daily El País, which called us “a breath of fresh air”. If you’re wondering what a gannet actually is, click here for the literal meaning and here for the slang variant, which seems quite appropriate in this context.


Fork in the Road

In September 2016, we published the first issue of Fork in the Road, a magazine looking at food destinations from a different angle.

Issue one focused on South & West Sweden, drawing on an epic road trip we made from Gothenburg to Malmö. Instead of relying on guidebooks and the internet for tips, we went by word of mouth, consulting friends, friends-of-friends and complete strangers on the best things to eat and drink in the region and the food traditions around them.

The result is an 80-page, full-colour magazine, produced with generous support from Visit Sweden. We gave it out for free around London in September 2016, but get in touch and we’ll do our best to send you a copy.

We are currently working on our second issue with a focus on Ireland. If you are a tourist board or advertiser and would like to support a future trip, please contact us via the email address below.


About Us

We are a London-based collective of journalists, photographers, filmmakers and designers with a shared interest in food – check out our biographies.


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If you would like to say hello, please email us at and we’ll reply as soon as we can. Sadly we are not accepting pitches or commissioning new work at present.

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