Key ingredients, prized objects and well-thumbed cookbooks from our interviewees’ kitchens

Inside Severin Corti’s Kitchen – The Viennese restaurant critic picks out an insect condiment, a beautiful and effective pepper mill and a selection of extraordinary cookbooks

Inside Eduard & Stephanie’s Kitchen – The winemakers at Gut Oggau pick out a famous local sausage, a favourite French wine and the cookbook from Stephanie’s parents’ restaurant

Inside Gustav Knutsson’s Kitchen – The head chef at Bhoga picks out a local fish roe, a beautiful Chinese teapot and a cookbook that breaks down how each dish was created

Inside Peter Gordon’s Kitchen – The New Zealand chef on a delicious nutty oil from Morocco, a coffee roaster shaped like a grenade and books about fire and pork

Inside Lillie O’Brien’s Kitchen – The owner of London Borough of Jams picks out a really good pan for making jam, a genmaicha tea and a cookbook that sharpened her techniques

Inside Jeremy Lee’s Kitchen – The Quo Vadis chef picks out an excellent Tuscan olive oil, a Japanese tea caddy and the “god of the great chef cookbooks”

Inside Georgina Yescas’ Kitchen – The Mexico City cheesemonger on a magical drink, a very comprehensive cheese book and a colander full of memories

Inside Albert France Lanord’s Kitchen – The Stockholm-based architect on his favourite wine region, a rare Provençale carafe and a cookbook that connects him with his French identity

Inside Matthew Young’s Kitchen – The London-based chef picks out a giant pestle & mortar and a very satisfying lemon squeezer and tells us about his current herb obsession

Inside Marisa Fjarem’s Kitchen – The Stockholm-based artist and designer shows us her collection of ceramics, recommends an excellent local beer and points out her new favourite cookbook

Inside Richard Bertinet’s Kitchen – The Bath-based baker on a brilliant French knife-maker, his secret ingredient and a book that every cook should own

Inside Daniel Berlin’s Kitchen – The Swedish chef shows us around his storerooms, where we find pickled pinecones, incredible apple juice and the best strawberries ever

Inside Neal Bodenheimer’s Kitchen – The New Orleans bar owner on his favourite spirits, key pieces of cocktail kit and three excellent books about drinks

Inside Anne Lunell & Charles Nystrand’s Kitchen – The owners of Koppi in Helsingborg on a pasta roller, an old-time Swedish cookbook and all the kit you need to make good coffee at home

Inside Niklas Ekstedt’s Kitchen – The Stockholm-based chef on his knife collection, the tools you’ll need for cooking with fire and an ingredient you’ll find in every Swedish household

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