Mitch Tonks – Over lunch at his Dartmouth restaurant, the seafood maestro talks about jellied eels with his granny, his morning grappa routine and why the British are scared of cooking fish

Inside Mitch Tonks’ Kitchen – The seafood master picks out his favourite anchovy brand, the "original and best" pepper mill, and the book he taught himself to cook from

Mitch Tonks’ Devon & Dorset Address Book – The chef and food writer picks a stunningly located oyster restaurant, "the most fantastic" curry house and a "great, if grumpy" butcher

Fried Artichokes With Chopped Salsa Verde – This dish was cooked for us by Mitch Tonks at his restaurant The Seahorse in Dartmouth, Devon. Serves 4 INGREDIENTS 4 violet artichokes, peeled and halved 2 bay leaves A

Tagliolini Cacio e Pepe With Smoked Ricotta – This dish was cooked for us by Mitch Tonks at his restaurant The Seahorse in Dartmouth, Devon. Serves 2 INGREDIENTS 1 tbsp freshly ground black pepper 150g fresh tagliolini 60g

Gill Meller – The chef and author roasts chicken with wild garlic and beetroot in his outdoor oven while discussing his fascination with home kitchens, daily eating habits and the rise of veganism

Roast Chicken With Wild Garlic & Chicken Fat Mayonnaise – This sublime chicken dish was cooked for us by the chef and author Gill Meller at his home on the coast of Devon. Serves 4-6 INGREDIENTS 1.5kg free-range chicken 50g

Gill Meller’s Devon & Dorset Address Book – The food writer and chef on unfussy restaurant he really likes, an "incredible" off-grid smallholding and his favourite local chippie

Inside Gill Meller’s Kitchen – The chef and author picks out a good local sea salt, his parents' aluminium egg poacher and the cookbook that opened his eyes to real food and cooking

Elisabeth Luard – Over a lunch of potato salad and pimientos, the revered food writer talks about hallucinogenic tea in Uruguay, the importance of Spanish cuisine and why painting is the key to her writing

Warm New Potato Salad With Tomatoes, Cucumbers & Eggs – “A very variable recipe – as is most of my cooking. Possible inclusions or replacements are diced apple or fennel or radish; walnuts or toasted pine kernels or almonds; conserved

Elisabeth Luard’s London Address Book – The food writer recommends an exuberant and inexpensive Persian restaurant in Chiswick, a grand Soho institution and a brilliant west London farmers' market

Inside Elisabeth Luard’s Kitchen – The author of European Peasant Cookery selects a potent South American tea, a tiled Andalusian table and five favourite food books

Tim Hayward – The energetic food writer and broadcaster makes us a hearty lunch of salsiccia and lentils, professes his great love of American diners and explains how an English spy novelist got him into cooking

Tim Hayward’s Cambridge & London Address Book – The author and broadcaster on a burger obsessive in Cambridge, a Jewish-style deli in Hoxton and a "phenomenal" Chinese supermarket

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