Bea Pérez & Pepe Flórez – The owners of Bodega Vidas show us around their vineyard, explain how they swapped science for wine, and prepare a very special – and intensely meaty – local delicacy

Bea Pérez and Pepe Flórez’s Asturias Address Book – The Bodega Vidas winemakers recommend a celebrated restaurant in their local town, a favourite place to eat in Oviedo, and a 100-year-old food shop famous for its bread

Inside Bea Pérez and Pepe Flórez’s Kitchen – The Bodega Vidas winemakers pick out their favourite comfort food, a powerful local cheese and a great book of Asturian cooking

Frixuelos Vaqueiros – “These are special crèpes from this region. We make the batter thicker than in other parts of Spain and pour it in a spiral. When I was a kid, we

Esther & Nacho Manzano – The Asturian chefs explain how they created a world-class restaurant in their remote family home, talk us through their crazy work life and make an unconventional hake salad

Hake Salad with Hollandaise Sauce & Dried Hake Roe – “This is a traditional Asturian dish that we’ve reinvented for Casa Marcial, using the same ingredients but in a different way. Downstairs in the restaurant, they do it very precisely

Esther & Nacho Manzano’s Asturias Address Book – The Asturian chefs recommend an “amazing” fish restaurant above a seafood auction, a hard-to-find local place where time stops and two delis where you can buy great regional produce

Inside Esther & Nacho Manzano’s Kitchen – The Asturian chefs pick out a three-milk cheese, a few of their favourite natural ciders and some of the Spanish cookbooks that have had an influence on their cooking

Feasting in the Foothills of the Sierra Nevada – In the first of our Gannet Bookshop showcases, we talk to Anna Norman who spent six months in a remote Spanish village creating a record of the region's food. She tells us about Las Chimeneas and the extraordinary dishes she encountered along the way

A Tapas Festival Hits the Streets of Madrid – Over 10 days each October, dozens of restaurants in the atmospheric Lavapiés district team up for a raucous celebration of food and drink. The Gannet gets a taster…

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