New Orleans

A Brief History of Doughnuts & Other News – In this week's food writing round-up: eating a path through New Orleans, Instagram's leftovers, and a treasury of antique cookbooks

Neal Bodenheimer – The owner of three great New Orleans bars makes BBQ shrimp for lunch and plies us with extraordinary cocktails. He shows us his address book for the city and picks out his favourite spirits

Neal Bodenheimer’s New Orleans Address Book – The cocktail supremo on a wood-fired fish restaurant, an exceptional burger joint and one of the country’s best cheese shops

Cadiz Bramble – An inspired mix of fino sherry, cassis and lemon juice, shaken up by New Orleans cocktail bar owner Neal Bodenheimer

Inside Neal Bodenheimer’s Kitchen – The New Orleans bar owner on his favourite spirits, key pieces of cocktail kit and three excellent books about drinks

Louisiana BBQ Shrimp – A spicy, buttery and intensely delicious Creole dish made for us by New Orleans bar owner Neal Bodenheimer

Bill Kearney – The owner of Galatoire’s serves us an indulgent New Orleans breakfast, dips into his personal wine collection and recalls a bizarre occurrence at his legendary French Quarter restaurant

Pain Perdu – AKA French toast, this indulgent breakfast dish of sugary egg-soaked bread was made for us by Galatoire's owner Bill Kearney and his wife Karyn

Inside Bill Kearney’s Kitchen – The owner of Galatoire’s picks out a wine for special occasions and an ingenious device that allows you to drink it at your leisure, plus some favourite cookbooks

Bill Kearney’s New Orleans Address Book – The owner of Galatoire’s recommends a bistro that does “the best mussels in town”, one of New Orleans’s great old-time restaurants and his favourite grocery store

Shrimp and Grits Casserole – A hard-to-beat southern seafood dish, served for breakfast by owner of Galatoire's restaurant Bill Kearney and his wife Karyn

Shrimp Boulettes – A classic Cajun snack that New Orleans chef Melissa Martin used to eat growing up in the Louisiana bayou

Inside Melissa Martin’s Kitchen – The chef behind Mosquito Supper Club on a great local butter, her dad’s old fish-cleaning block and the cookbook that “changed the way I felt about food”

Melissa Martin – The bayou-born chef cooks us a Cajun feast at her house in the Lower Ninth Ward. She talks about restaurant etiquette, her favourite New Orleans food spots and what she ate growing up

Melissa Martin’s New Orleans Address Book – The chef behind Mosquito Supper Club on a laid-back restaurant with outdoor eating, a great spot for burgers and cocktails and a newly renovated food market

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