Rabbit Thighs With Carrots and Cumin

11th February 2016

Words: Killian Fox
Photos: Yousef Eldin

Rabbit is a perfect meat and eating it is quite environmentally friendly. This dish is from an old French cookbook called Toutes la Cuisine [see Bookshelf]. I’ve made it once before and it was very good. Be careful that the rabbit doesn’t get too dry.”
Albert France Lanord, architect, Stockholm

Serves 4


300g carrots
20g butter
1/2 tsp cumin
4 rabbit thighs
1 sprig of sarriette (summer savory) or thyme
6 tbsp groundnut oil
3 tbsp sherry vinegar
1 full-fat yoghurt
1 petit-suisse (60g fromage frais)
2 tbsp wholegrain mustard


Preheat the oven to 210°C.

Cut the carrots into slices and place in a saucepan. Add salt and pepper and cover with water. Add 10g butter and cook until the liquid has evaporated, adding cumin at the end. Set aside.

Place the rabbit thighs in a baking dish, add the sprig of sarriette (or thyme), the remaining butter and the oil, salt and pepper. Bake for 25 minutes, basting regularly.

Put the rabbit on a plate and set aside.

Discard the fat from the roasting pan and deglaze it with the vinegar and a little water on a low heat. Stir in the yoghurt, petit-suisse (or fromage frais) and mustard, whisking vigorously.

Brush the rabbit legs with the sauce and serve with the carrots.

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Posted 11th February 2016

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Words: Killian Fox
Photos: Yousef Eldin