Jeremy Lee’s Guinea Fowl, Wine & Trotter Gear

5th December 2016

Words: Jeremy Lee
Photograph: Joe Woodhouse

“Quite a trinity… This dish, the mighty “coq au vin”, originally demanded a red wine of Burgundy, which now has a price that puts cooking with it in the far reaches of the imagination. Shall we just say a wine of fine character and good qualities will win the day. The addition of Trotter Gear removed the vital act of making a stock from the carcass and the giblets. This is a pleasant job and can now be done at a gentle pace and the resulting stock used for another dish.”
Jeremy Lee, head chef, Quo Vadis

Serves 6


1 whole guinea fowl (1.5kg or so in weight, jointed)
350ml robust red wine
100g very best unsmoked streaky bacon, cut into small strips
30 button onions, peeled
200g button mushrooms
100ml brandy
A sprig of thyme
3 sage leaves
4 bay leaves
3 cloves garlic
A packet of Trotter Gear
Sea salt and a charged pepper mill


Warm the oven to 180C.

Heat a large heavy-bottomed pan and put in the bacon strips. Fry until lightly coloured and the fat is running. Lift from the pan.

Season the skin of the guinea fowl with salt only and lay the pieces skin-side down in the fat. Let these cook undisturbed until golden-brown. Turn the pieces and colour well. Lift the browned pieces and set aside.

Add in the onions and cook until beautifully browned, then add the button mushrooms. Pour in the wine and brandy and lift up any residue adhering to the bottom of the pan. Let this cook until the wine is reduced by half, then add the Trotter Gear and bring to a simmer.

Return to the pot the onions, mushrooms, bacon and the pieces of guinea fowl. Add the garlic cloves and the herbs tied into a little bundle. Grind some pepper over the dish and then seal under a lid. Let this cook gently for 45 minutes to an hour until the meat yields to a sharp knife with ease.

Lift all out of the sauce into a warm dish and let the sauce bubble away until reduced. Spoon this result over the guinea fowl and serve.

Posted 5th December 2016

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Words: Jeremy Lee
Photograph: Joe Woodhouse