Shaul Ben-Aderet’s Tel Aviv Address Book

26th October 2017

Interview: Josh Barrie
Photographs: Steven Winston

The Blue Rooster chef on a “great” nose-to-tail restaurant, a Thai hotspot, and the market he used to visit with his grandmother


Havat Zuk

Moshe Perlok St 5, Tel Aviv-Yafo;
“A great place,” according to Shaul, Havat Zuk is one of Tel Aviv’s answers to nose-to-tail eating, and produce is sourced from the Zuk Farm in Emek Ha’Ela. A notable, fun aspect of the place is its “spontaneous kitchen”: ask the chef what you like, and he and his kitchen team will conjure up a measured tasting menu.


Mendeli St. Hotel, 5 Mendeli Street, Tel Aviv-Yafo;
Shaul recommends this contemporary Moroccan restaurant at the Mendeli St. Hotel.


Zvulun 7, Tel Aviv-Yafo;
“This restaurant in the Levinsky Market showcases a lot of brilliant Israeli foods.”

Thai House

Bograshov St 8, Tel Aviv-Yafo;
Established in 1996, Thai House was set up with the fear that Israelis “would not connect with authentic Thai cuisine”. But they did, and the restaurant serves traditional food from the Isan region, as well as more known, typical dishes from southern Thailand. Curries, street food, and favourites of Thai households are served.


34 Rupert Street, London W1D 6DN, UK;
A London favourite of Shaul’s, Palomar, in Soho, serves the modern food of Jerusalem. It is influenced by the cultures of Spain, North Africa, and the Levant; a fusion of cuisines and flavours. The restaurant is casual and lively, and one of London’s few contemporary homages to Israeli dining.

Mashya, a contemporary Moroccan restaurant at the Mendeli St Hotel


Carmel Market

HaCarmel St, Tel Aviv-Yafo
“I used to visit the market with my grandmother, and I still do. It is full of colour, flavour, and smells. There are vegetables, meats, pastries, cheeses, olives. Everything. The produce is excellent. I like to just wander.” – Shaul

Grocery shop (name unknown)

10 Nisim Aloni | Tzameret Park, G Shopping Mall
“There is a small grocery shop in the corner of the building below Blue Rooster. Sometimes you need an extra lemon, more aubergines for a special dish, fresh herbs. Recipes are adapted, situations change, and it is a practical place so close to my restaurant. The fruit and vegetables there are good quality. My wife also shops locally, at the small stores near our home here.”

Posted 26th October 2017

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Interview: Josh Barrie
Photographs: Steven Winston

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