Katie Sanderson’s Dublin Address Book

10th March 2015

Interview: Killian Fox
Photographs: Yousef Eldin

The nomadic chef tells us where she gets her Asian food-buying fix in Dublin and recommends a Saturday market and a good restaurant for a treat


The Green Door Market

18 Newmarket, Dublin 8. +353 86 409 6201, (Open Thurs to Sat)
“This is a relatively new market just around the corner from the Fumbally. Everyone’s really great here. I get my veg from Deirdre or Christy, who are both so nice, and there are good butchers and fishmongers as well. You get to speak directly to the people who grew the food, which makes me very happy.” – Katie

Dublin Food Co-op

12 Newmarket, Dublin 8. +353 1 454 4258, (Open Thurs to Sun)
“This is a big organic co-op right next to the Green Door Market – I’d go there for dried goods.”

Shop Easy

3 Clanbrassil Street Lr, Dublin 8. +353 1 473 3565
“This is a great halal shop where I buy big tubs of tahini and Indian mangoes when they’re in season – you can buy four boxes of them for €16. They do delicious medjool dates and halva, and you can save an absolute fortune on spices. I love going in because it feels really different.”

Asia Market

18 Drury Street, Dublin 2. +353 1 677 9764,
“They call me ‘crazy coconut lady’ in here because I used to buy so many coconuts from them. My frozen pea obsession extends to edamame, so I’d get that here too – and all the Asian stuff I need. I love going around the crisp section to look at all the weird, chemically processed things I grew up eating in Hong Kong.”


Forest Avenue

8 Sussex Terrace, Dublin 4. +353 1 667 8337,
“This is a good place for a treat. I’ve eaten there twice and really enjoyed my meals, and the chef is really nice. At Christmas I had a truffle and chocolate coffee dessert that was good and a really interesting Jerusalem artichoke rice pudding.” – Katie


18 Merrion Row, Dublin 2. +353 1 678 8872,
“Etto is really good but they’ve got a new chef in and I haven’t been since the old chef [Barry Fitzgerald] left. He’s setting up a new place and wherever he goes, I’d definitely give it a recommendation.”

Fumbally Café

Fumbally Lane, Dublin 8. +353 1 529 8732,
“I’m biased as I’ve worked there off and on, but the Fumbally really is great. On my days off I get excited about going out for lunch and more often I want Fumbally food above others.”

Posted 10th March 2015

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Interview: Killian Fox
Photographs: Yousef Eldin

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