Esther & Nacho Manzano’s Asturias Address Book

15th December 2016

Interview: Killian Fox

The Asturian chefs recommend an “amazing” fish restaurant above a seafood auction, a hard-to-find local place where time stops and two delis where you can buy great regional produce


El Balamu (pictured above)

Puerto Pesquero, s/n. 33500 Llanes, Asturias, Spain;
“This is an amazing restaurant for fish. It is in the fishing port of Llanes just above the place where they do the auction of the fish so you can eat and at the same time attend the bidding. Obviously the fish can’t be fresher and the way they cook it is perfect. It has wonderful views and good food and you find everyone there from fisherman taking coffee to the most demanding foodies.”

El Molín de Mingo

Finca Molín de Mingo, Peruyes, Asturias; Finca Molín de Mingo, 33540 Peruyes, Asturias, Spain; +34 98592263
This restaurant, we later discover, is run by Nacho’s wife – yet another extension of the Manzano empire. “A very special restaurant where the surroundings and the narrow roads that lead there are part of the experience. It is a cosy, chic restaurant that has the full essence of Asturias. Once you get there, the time stops and you just enjoy very good home food, stews and traditional Asturian dishes.”

Castru El Gaiteru

Ería la Vega., 33595 Ería la Vega. 33595 Celorio (Llanes), Asturias, Spain;
“This place specialises in grilled meat and fish. The produce is top-quality and the chef is brilliant with anything he has in the menu.”


Coalla Gourmet

Calle San Antonio, 8, 33201 Gijón, Asturias;
“A deli shop in Gijón with a bar for tasting food and wines. You can find amazing quality products here.”


Mercado del Fontán,9. 33009 Oviedo, Asturias;
“Another deli shop, this one in Oviedo, that sells very high-quality Asturian produce.”

Posted 15th December 2016

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Interview: Killian Fox

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