The Gannet Q&A

We ask people a series of questions (some regular, some off-the-cuff) about their various food experiences

The Gannet Q&A: Simran Sethi – The food author on an emotional meal with her father, her most food-splattered cookbook and an unusually delicious coffee drink

The Gannet Q&A: Caroline Hennessy – The Irish food & drink writer on tasting sea urchin for the first time, the benefits of marrying a brewer and her favourite local restaurant

The Gannet Q&A: Oliver Rowe – The London-born chef and author on his favourite recipes, learning to blanch and his mum's macaroni cheese

The Gannet Q&A: Merlin Labron-Johnson – The head chef at London’s Portland on his favourite ingredient, the worst food in the world and his biggest restaurant blow-out

The Gannet Q&A: Shantanu Starick – The Pixel Trade photographer on an unforgettable dinner in an Irish forest, his favourite dish when he was 10 and the thing that annoys him most in restaurants

The Gannet Q&A: Natalia Ribbe – The founder of London’s 86 List on Thanksgiving feasts in New Jersey, her love of all things Italian and her favourite food scene in the movies

The Gannet Q&A: Katie Parla – The Rome food writer on an unforgettable meal in Bodrum, her current food obsession, and why you can’t beat pizza for breakfast

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